After a well-timed break for school holidays, the boys were back into it again playing at home against Beverly Hills. The simple message for this week’s game was “resilience” – not only to recover from the knocks you get in football, but to not dwell on the conditions, mistakes, a perceived bad decision or something the opposition says. Basically, to put adversity behind you and focus on what you can do to influence the next contest. I am proud to say that on this day the boys showed resilience in spades. They had that spark again that was missing the last few games and did not let the fact that the opposition kicked the first three goals of the game get them down. James Franklin’s clever snap after a great handball from Raph Deane-Johns got us going, and we didn’t look back. In fact, Raph was inspirational the whole game with his desire to win the ball, take the game on, and share it with his team-mates, and he was a worthy winner of the Opposition Award. He had plenty of support though, every player had a moment during the game that they made a difference, and as a team, our ability to share the ball around was fantastic.


Well done boys, you should be proud of how you played, and let’s not take a backward step as we head into the last four rounds of the year.