The boys returned to footy after the Queens Birthday break and were faced with atrocious conditions playing away to Park Orchards. While the boys have certainly faced cold conditions before, from memory this was the first really cold and wet game they have experienced, and it was a struggle! We actually didn’t get through the whole game as it was called off at three quarter time after the lightning and thunder started. During the first quarter break the majority of our boys were in the grandstand putting on hoodies under their jumpers, and at half-time all the oranges fell in the mud! The following boys deserve a lot of credit for their courage and perseverance on a really trying day – Josh Gardner, Lucas Humphreys, Lucas Kelly, Matty Hanslow, Felipe Alleri, Sam Hardie and Alex Chondros. You boys showed real fortitude to continue to fight against a tough opposition in terrible conditions, and you should really take pride in how you performed. While it was tough I’m sure the boys, like after the very first really cold game last year, will be better for the experience, and will be able to handle similar conditions much better in the future.