This round the boys played away to Warrandyte and thankfully in much better conditions than the week before. The focus this week was on the simple football fundamental – go in and win the ball, and if you can’t win then go in and tackle! I thought that while probably not at the level we played at earlier in the season, our effort was an improvement in comparison to our last few weeks. Indeed the boys only need to look at their team mates for examples of courage and effort to win the football. Lucas Kelly was incredible in the third quarter with his relentless desire to win the ball and drive it forward, as was Lucas Humphreys with his tackling in the last quarter, and Tom Alexander with his ability to keep playing despite having his arm stood on. Of course, while we want our game to be based on effort to win the footy and share it with your team mates, we also have to celebrate individual moments of brilliance, and Raph Deane-John’s three goal performance – one from nearly the centre of the ground and one from the boundary line will live long in my memory.

 I know there is plenty of improvement in our boys individually and how we play together as a team. At times we were too distracted by past events – an umpiring decision, a mistake, something the opposition said, instead of being focused on the next contest. We also want our boys to support each other, not only through actions to contest the football but also through providing plenty of encouragement. I feel the break has come at a good time – let’s recharge our batteries and focus on having a solid end to the season over the last few games.