This week the boys played away against Beverly Hills R and we were all looking forward to see whether the boys could continue their great form from last week against a strong opposition. I am proud to say that the boys’ performance was sensational. For the whole game they were prepared to be first in to win the footy, and when the opposition had the footy, there was a real commitment to lay a strong tackle. Thomas Howard and Xavier Hasler shared captain duties, and both those boys led by example by getting in first and putting their head over the footy. There were so many outstanding contributions by the boys. Lucas Humphreys’ strong tackling, Andy Ryan and James Franklin fighting to win the ball against multiple opposition players, Matty Hanslow competing and beating a far taller opposition boy, Liam Cretney kicking a great goal after a clever pass from Alex Chondros, Anthony Cursio getting his hands on the footy in the last quarter and dishing out a clever handball, and Tom Alexander’s poise throughout the game.

 Given how well the boys are playing at the moment it’s a shame that the end of the season is only three games away.